Most people fail at their day before they even leave their house in the morning. Theres no plan of attack, no intention and that typically leads to disarray.

If you set up a proper routine in the morning and complete that routine consistently, you will start off each day with a sense on accomplishment.

This becomes a confidence boost for the rest of your day. Check out the three points below in order to help you build your morning routine and you will see a difference in your production right away.

1. Structure

The plan has to have a specific structure to it. If you have a few tasks to complete during your morning routine, but do not have organization and structure to those tasks it will cause confusion.

Confusion usually leads failure. If you have to stop and think about what you are going to be doing next, you give yourself another opportunity for the infamous, “I’ll just do it right tomorrow…” and we all know tomorrow never happens. Make a list on your phone, a whiteboard or whatever you will have easy access to when you get out of bed.

2. Movement

Part of your morning routine NEEDS to be movement based. Release your muscles, increase your circulation and get that adrenaline going.

It will most definitely put a pep to your step due to the chemical releases that will be happening as a byproduct of your movement.

Incorporate a glass of water, a stretch or two and something to get your heart rate slightly elevated.

3. Realistic

Extremely crucial to this entire process is not getting ahead of yourself and creating a realistic routine that you can actually accomplish.

Base this off of the time period you are dealing with, your physical capabilities and choose things that do not require much thought. Mindless actions, more or less, is what you are aiming for.

Also, realize that your routine can always evolve as you do, so start realistically and grow from there.

To give you all an example, below is my morning routine. Hopefully this helps! Remember, you can gather all the information in the world and have the right intention, but it is just as easy to make excuses.

This is not meant to be “easy” because it will require some hustle on your part. Get after it!!

My morning routine:

1. Drink glass of water (leave one next to my bed the night before to eliminate excuse)

2. Make my bed

3. Brush my teeth

4. Movement (100 arm circles, 100 push ups, 100 air squats and a 2 minute plank)

5. Put on clothes

6. Gel in my hair

7. Make my coffee

8. Out the door!!