Top 6 Foods That’ll Help Boost Your Immune System

In this age of viral and bacterial infections, your immune system needs all the love and care it can get. You can never predict when it will be called into action to protect your body, so it is best to keep your body’s defenses in tip-top fighting shape even when it seems unnecessary. Science tells […]

The Four Day Diet

This diet revolves around the idea that changing up your physical activity and diet every 4 days or so will help you enhance your weight loss goals. However, there are no studies or tests that can prove such a claim. The Four Day Diet can be described as an exercise and eating plan. It was […]

Weight Loss and Protein: How Much Protein To Eat for Weight Loss?

Plenty of research has been conducted on weight loss and nutrition. Some of the findings have helped people lose weight effectively. For starters, we know how important exercise is. An individual’s eating habits must be healthy in order to optimize weight loss. This aspect is more important in comparison to hours spent working out. Secondly, […]

How To Stop Feeling Bloated

If you sometimes feel bloated, post-meal, some basic changes to the things that you eat can make a big difference. We all appreciate the pleasure that comes with eating a great meal. Of course, discomfort around our waists tends to follow once we have consumed more than we needed to. Although sporadic bloated feelings after […]

3 Reasons You Should Stay Hydrated

We conduct assessments constantly, and I can easily say that one of the biggest problems with most people is some form of dehydration. Most people that we encounter are not drinking enough water, and at the same time, indicate symptoms of being tired, sluggish, unmotivated and have a hard time focusing…. basically all symptoms of […]