Fitness wearables are the new age of fitness. Not only do you fit in socially, but you have the accountability factor that most people lack when it comes to regimented exercise. What better way to challenge and hold yourself accountable?

This is a way to push yourself in becoming a better version personally when it comes to fitness. Fitness wearables have many applications embedded.

We are tied to our phones and tablets on a daily basis as a habit and create postural distortions, unhealthy habits and sedentary lifestyles. Studies have proven that people look at their phone countless times during the day and if you think about your typical day, I’m sure your a culprit of this as well. 

The wearable segment of the market has taken off, again due to the ease of being able to check on it constantly… just raise your arm. It is great to see technology evolve.

Having the ability to recreate your daily regimen with healthy habits by utilizing these wearables is a luxury for sure. In addition, when you take into account all of the different downloadable applications on such devices as Fitbit, smart watches, etc. it really does eliminate many excuses.

All of these benefits are amazing but there is one thing that the technology can not help with.. no one is there to actually make you use it. 

Nothing will ever replace human interaction and accountability to another human being, but this is the next best thing. 

Many fitness centers are incorporating wearable technology into their clubs since consumers are results-oriented and technology is the easiest way to track these results. It is an effective, simple and convenient way to track progress and push yourself more towards your goals.

You get pulse reads, step trackers, performance summaries and so much more.

You can also challenge your friends and have interactive components such as adding motivators and some healthy competition.

Everyone is involved in social media from checking posts and status updates to following others lives and comparing your own life against others.

The social realm has become a real addiction for many. Getting your friends and family involved gives another reason to use fitness wearables. You have the ability to create a fitness culture without being at a fitness facility. Being mobile and not in a gym is the new trend.

How do these devices hold you accountable? Just like you have your schedule on your phone reminding you of all the things you need to do every day.

You will receive constant reminders helping find ways to include more exercise in your life. Most people have unrealistic goals, so having tangible targets in place makes accomplishing the goals easier.

The technological advantage of triggering an emotional response provides a feeling of encouragement. It tells the individual they did a good job or has them realize they should of pushed themselves harder.

Overall it is the accountability, goal tracking, fashion statement and ability to create culture are reasons why fitness wearables have been taking over the industry.

This is going to continue to progress and get even more intricate as the years pass by. Is it worth it to get a wearable? I think so, I personally use an iWatch and it helps a lot.

Take all of this into account and make the best decision for you. Just remember, just purchasing and putting on your wearable does not mean the process of being/becoming “fit” is going to automatically happen.

Y?ou still need to put in the effort and hustle your ass off to get results, as with anything in life.